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CEO of Pink Heater Agency, Entrepreneur,
Art Director and Fashion Consultant


Lanzarope is a new jewelry brand created and designed by Malika Benshila.
After several years spent at curating jewels and accessories for her agency Pink Heater, she finally decided to establish her own brand. Lanzarope is a manifest of a traveler's diary. Inspired by her numerous trips, Malika found the tools to transcribe her passion for jewelry.

Malika Benshila  is the founder of Lanzarope.  She has worked on several collaborations and consulting with designers helping them mold their vision they had for their brand.
Making sure that the collections would be desirable and in line for the premium department-stores and concept stores she has been partnering with for over a decade.

Along with the rise of Pink Heater agency, Malika has obviously been very passionate about jewelry and the creation part of it,  that led to the birth of her own brand in 2021. It shares a deep connection between her personal experiences and the journey of life.


The architecture in Lanzarote, Spain, especially Cesar Manrique's eclectic designing style is one of the biggest references for our brand. Its was during Malika's travels in this region where she came up with the idea for the brand.


The FIRST Printemps department store outside of France is debuting in DOHA, QATAR and will be featuring an INCREDIBLY IMMERSIVE multi-brand space experience by Eye of Pink Heater.

The ONE STOP FOCUS on emerging international designers will showcase what is next in fashion and fine jewelry in an IMAGINATIVE space, designed by founder, Malika Benshila. The space will expand one's imagination while inviting them to DISCOVER their UNIQUE taste with the curated selection of FASHION-FORWARD designs. 

Screenshot 2022-07-20 144104.jpg

Pink Heater, Malika's agency has been supporting artists for over fifteen years. It is now from her superb Eye of Pink Heater corner at Printemps Haussmann that her creations, LANZAROPE, are released.

Unveiled this winter, the LANZAROPE label ( lanza for island and rope for rope) embodies the maritime inspirations of a creative sailor. Lanzarope reveals pieces where small marine knots adorn subtle ropes in the most precious materials.

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